The community we are apart of can only thrive if we are accepting and open to all players. It is clear that some play styles do not mix well with others. This does not mean they are not equally allowed to play. We are going to do our very best to ensure we match players together with other players who enjoy the same things.

Every “Session” will have an appointed Game Master referred to as “GM” and are the final say for all rule disputes, arguments, issues, or conflicts during the session if it is in regards to the game. They have provided the game and are the full authority regarding it and how it is run/played.

The GM and all players must follow all rules set forth by the owner, or contact, of the location of which the game is being played and any “Plenty of Dice” admin who may be sitting in, or watching the game. If those individuals are “Players” in the game, they must concede to the “GM’s” ruling when games rules are involved. Any questions please contact SUPPORT.