Reclusive and Mystical, the Predites are the most secretive of all known cultures among Almora.

The Predites are wonders from another worlds it is said. Some believe they caused the week of five suns. Others believe they arrived hear at that time, but their strange ships are fast, and very few have been known to have sunk. They are tall and fair, and speak in a strange mystical way that none have yet been able to decipher.

“They walk without footsteps, they sail without wind, and they speak without words. The Predites fear only the monsters in their dreams, and they do not sleep because of it. Our attempts to fight were in vain, and waking up days later as if the entire conflict was but a dream just adds to their mystical lore.”

-Privateer Captain

They are quite capable of violence, but most interactions with foreign cultures are helpful, and informative. They often tell of a powerful army rising on a far off land that they will need help to defeat in the coming years. ” We seek allies of the children of their children.” in their words, so their kindness and mysticism now only helps to sway children stores to favor the Predites in the future.

The government has several positions or diplomats that is held for life. There is a single crown “King or Queen” that sits most of the time empty unless the diplomats all agree for one to hold the position. All rules are enforced by the entire population. There are no law keepers, just an entire society of those who wish to maintain balance.

The Military structure is unclear, but it appears that every member of society can be armed, and fight, as martial fitness and finesse are incredibly important, and almost every elf has a set of armor and finely crafted weapons. The small population of elves must defend against any number of outside threats at any given time.

Breaking the rules simply means exile, this is often the case when an outspoken member of society speaks of great change, or progress. Many of those exiled sail the sees, or venture off to combat “The great threat of the north”