Within the vast and seemingly endless woods lives a population of people who live among it in great harmony.

The chiefs of each clan are chosen by brute force, or combat trials. This can be done once the previous leader has died, or upon a challenge of another rival. The individual clans do clash from time to time but it seems like the elders they call “Druids” more often then not prevent any violence.

“Dancing among the trees illuminated by the full moon, it is said that any wild beast, tree, or grass can provide them their eyes, ears or soul. The Druids speak for the Enderglades, They are the voice of Muutier ‘Almora’ and when they choose to speak, all should listen”

-A war band chieftain

Though the order is kept by the Chief’s of each clan, the wisdom comes from the Druids who often remain silent keeping to a single apprentice. When the Druid speaks, an eerie silence washes over all who are present including the insects and birds who may be in the area.

The chief runs the day to day setting the rules that all must abide by. Breaking any of these rules could force you into a challenge with the Chief, or being sent away. In the Enderglades where the Bruit’s live, attempting to live alone would be suicide. Every Chief has vastly different rules, and some are much more passive than others, but their main goal seems to be in the protection of their people.

The military structure consists of the entire population. Even the women and children have a weapon in hand, and they travel as a group. The best fighters enter the battle first, and others look for any opportunity that does not impose on the veterans combat. The druid of each clan do not often engage in combat, but it is said they can end it with a few spoken words.

The wide mix of races and backgrounds that make up any clan on Bruit society shows they are accepting of other cultures who wish to join in their ranks. Even races some would consider ‘Beasts’ find themselves at home after earning a place in the clans ranks. When speaking to outsiders very little is kept secret apart from their druid elders, they pride themselves on their might and ability to survive in the Enderglades, and often willing to help outsiders who are in need.