Welcome to the world of Almora. Many of the locals still remember or tell stories of the week with 5 suns, continuous daylight, that was often strange and unnerving colors. Many people who returned from traveling have stories of the heavens actually changing, Scholars come up with countless theories, but few are believable. What is sure is that great changes are in store for our world. In the following years, more and more people chose to abandon their livelihoods and venture off into the great unknown. Though some do return with strange and epic tails of far off wondrous lands, most never return. 30 Years after this event, a writer produced a book that was a single adventure compilation of the surviving communities around Almora. This book titled Mark of Almoras’ Age was considered very valuable and very rare. Rumor has it that a single copy was produced and given to a single individual within each of the societies identified within. Though nearly impossible to actually read, stories have come from those who have read it. This is all you or anyone you know has ever heard about what lies outside of your community.

—Every civilization has its own sets of skills, abilities, and races to be able to choose from. If everyone in your group can discuss what civilization you wish to be from, I will send you a more detailed description of that society for you to better develop your character.—

Character Advancement

Rank – Character Level – Experience Req. – Proficiency Modifier – Starting Coin

Amateur 3 Beginning +2 100+(1d1025)

Acolyte 5 6500 +3 500+(1d10x25)

Journeyman 7 2300 +3 2,500+(3d10150)

Veteran 11 8500 +4 5,000+(5d10x300)

Master 13 120000 +5 8,000+(8d10400)

Guru 17 225000 +6 25,000+(10d102500)

Epic 20 355000 +6 50,000+(d100*5000)

When you first begin a campaign or adventure you will determine how to build your character using “Point Buy” or “Standard Array” and using the Race and Class’s based; Where you begin, what your background is, and the Game Masters input.
The Game Master will choose a “Rank” that everyone qualifies for based on their Experience, once you complete adventures, the Game Master will reward you with Experience based on the game. This can be done after every session or after the long-running campaign is completed. You will earn experience from story-driven engagement, social interactions, situation awareness, and combat encounters. A number of experience points are dependent on the excitement the situation brings. The cleverest social engagements could reward much more than a simple combat encounter.
There are many rules that each Game Master can propose or enforce. This can be done by voting among the players or forced by the Game Master. Either way, these should be clarified prior to the first session.
Your character should be developed and created completely with a character sheet and provided to the Game Master prior to playing your first game so that any adjustments can be made and the campaign developed to fit each character if applicable. The direction of your character is YOURS! No Game Master should enforce any character path or trait upon you, but they can suggest things that may be ways to help connect them to the story or world. You have every right to refuse or counter offer any suggestion they may have. This game is a shared community experience, but the character is yours!
The experience and choices made in the game will have an effect on the world. Helping the lowly farmer or stealing from the wealthy merchant could have lasting effects that you may not see today, this week or even this year, but that event will be noted for any future Game Master to see. So treat every situation with importance and remember, above all else.
Have Fun!

If you wish to become a Game Master! A simple test will allow you to run campaigns in a specific region, and the more you know the higher-level characters you will be able to run. Eventually, there will be more regions for you to run campaigns in, and the most influential Game Masters will help drive the entire world in massive events with countless players in the future.