Relics act as the PvP aspect of this game. In Almora, some items stand apart from the rest. Their abilities so legendary every great adventurer worth their gold will stop at nothing to acquire these items even if just to keep them from the wrong hands.

Relic NamePresumed LocationGM Identity Equipped EffectProtection EffectPassive Effect
Hand of VechnaUnknownSn4k3z34Automatically Complete one Point each weekEnemies that are evil gain advantage to captureNo allies can “fall in combat”
Holy AvengerUnknownSn4k3z34Automatically Complete one Point each weekEnemies that are good don’t suffer from exhaustionAllies no longer suffer from exhaustion
Want of OrcusUnknownSn4k3z34Earn Companion of equal point level in addition to quest goal.Evil enemies gain +2 in capture attempts Allies who fall turn into CR 1 Companions.
Crystal Dragon SkullUnknownSn4k3z34Re-roll all failures once.Guard protecting item is at 1/2 HPALL (1’s) are re-rolled
Cloak of the UnknownUnknownSn4k3z34gain additional level, where leveling upEnemies gain disadvantage overcoming your defencesAll Agents start one level higher
Helm of AlbiaUnknownSn4k3z34Earn twice the amount of goldEnemies gain disadvantage finding your location.All companions start one level higher
List and Effects

Only the GM tied to the Relic can take the questing adventurer seeking the relic.

The hunt for a relic must undergo a six point quest before completing any defences. If a relic is not yet held, the defence of that item is of a normal 6 point quest.

Any defences are handled in replacement of the 5th and 6th point. Any superior structures guard will be the 5th point, while the main structures guard will be the 6th. If the relic has not been recovered yet, the 6th point DC will be determined by 4d4 rather then the standard d12.

Any item currently equipped will be defended by that character as the 6th point. And only if that character has not undergone any quest for more than a week can they gain the benefit of any superior structure within an encampment.

The rules for relics, their abilities, and stats are under the complete control of the GM. Their stats may change overtime, be taken from you at any time, and run the very real risk of being destroyed if all of the requirements are met. Destruction of a relic “when possible” earns all Agents and Companions on the quest earn a level.