To Become a Ruling Member of Society within Orion’s Culture

Do you want to start your own village or bring ruin to the land?
  • We hope to post High Scores and Ranking Systems
  • Game Masters will be able to research your “Base of Operations” and use them in their games
  • All Magic Items, Races, Cultures, Monsters, and Bad Guys are open for you to use.
  • Be a beacon of hope to all weary wonders, or create your own band of killers
  • Easy to learn, Simple Rules, and almost Unlimited Growth Capabilities
Let the bards speak of your victories across Almora and beyond!

To Begin all you have to do is apply, and we will run one “Event” for you each week on a time you set up with the Admin. These events can be as quick as you want them to be as you will choose how many of your companions to send, and how far out to send them for greater and greater rewards.

Once you apply and play, Any and All Game Masters have the right to use your adventurers and all they have earned for their own campaign. If your character dies in their campaign this does not affect you in this one. Their games may portray you in a light that you do not agree with, but enjoy their interpretation of them as impersonation is the greatest form of flattery!

The Game Master

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