Ruled by the god king atop a throne of stone, none dare challenge the immortal rule of the Kalazar.

The single city holds the bulk of the population, several rings surround the massive stone mountain that stands as a smooth Pyramid encased in gold at it’s center. This mountainous structure is the home of the Kalazar or ruler of the people, as well as the entirety of the government. The inner most circle is filled with the most respected “Craftsmen, experts, and proctors” as well as the home to the elite soldier core known as the Kuzar.

“In service to the Kalazar is the greatest of honors, if one is not yet earned their place to hold such position they must be in service to the community, or risk being left outside the gate with only a spear.”

-Local merchants description of the city.

Farmlands line the river the city sits upon for hundreds of miles on either side. They believe all land is property of the Kalazar, and it is their duty to tend to it in the way they feel best supports their culture. Successful farmers often earn the highest stations in the community often overseeing more land, and having much more say in judgments or disagreements. They collect coins of other cultures but do not seem to spend it in any way. Perhaps they see it as a keepsake.

The Judge Jury, and Executioner are the Kuzar. Though there is no distinguishing features about them other then a gleam about their look that looks to be flakes of metal about their very skin. They often patrol with several guard units at their side, and appear to listen to both sides of an argument on the spot, often times accepting gifts or offerings similar to a bribe, before making a judgment that can be as simple as forcing both parties to leave, or banishment from the city. Refusal could only lead to death in those situations.

The bulk of the military appears to be a guard unit adorned in brass, bronze, or leather armors, wielding spears and short-swords as well as shields, and rank among them are symbolized by the detail of the armor as well as high ranking officials adorning capes, and tall ivory helmets. Seeming every ranking member of the guard unit answers to the Kuzar who act as commanders, and at any time the citizens could rise up as they are all armed, some very much so. Though their population is small, the fighting force could be very difficult to overcome if the entire population is ever to be united under a single cause.