Family game night is where you can get a price to spend a night with family and friends to play various games you may not have in your own collection. This could be simply renting the game, or having someone there to explain the rules and join in the game with you!

With the Pandemic, we know that time with people is sacred and cherished. Or perhaps the idea of playing D&D with strangers seems a daunting task. We want to do everything that we can do to ensure a fun experience for you and your friends/ family you play with. With a large selection of ever-growing games to choose from and the desire to get everyone involved and have fun this could be the perfect solution!

We have virtual and in person options to choose from. We can drop off a sanitized board game to your front door, or you can visit with a Game Master to set up the event. The cost of your customized experience will always be provided at no cost to you, and payments can be collected through Venmo, PayPal, Cash, or Check through our parent company Nebraska Septic