The Dakco are people from the earth. They take pride in everything they do, as their station is completely dependent on their craft.

The first born woman of every family is given the name “Camilla” and is taken to live within the Chantry to live with the Queen. They will adorn a special uniform robe of white and gold trim that distinguishes them from the rest and for the rest of their lives, live by a strict set of rules that they recite ritualisticly.

“Never will I know a man’s touch

Never will I speak ill of my neighbor

Never will I harm a living creature

Never will I hold a name not my own

Never will I leave the safety of my home!”

-Prayer of Camella

Eventually any Camella can take what is refered to as “The Token Path” that leads deep into the earth to obtain a special token. When this token is returned to the queen, they must return it to it’s place deep within the earth leaving the victorious Camella to now sit as queen until another completes this path. The Token Path is not required by anyone, and many Camella live their entire lives within the Chantry without ever leaving. Though the Camella cannot speak to any man, the Queen can, and often addresses the issues of the people with a “Counsel of the Matriarch” that consists of those she believes to be the best in the community.

Typical stations of this Counsel consist of;

  • Arch-Master of Coin
  • Arch-Smith
  • Arch-Mage
  • Arch-Master of Law
  • Arch-Master of Home
  • Arch-Master of Surface Affairs
  • Arch-Master of Metal

The security all serve the Matriarch, but do so in their own way. Many serve as a “Shield Guardian” who have undergone the “Token Path” themselves as a group and proven their worth to the queen and granted a special type of metal. The Gold Guardians are some of the oldest and most proud, willingly stand alongside the Queen in any public appearance, while the Iron Guardians often take up long quests on the surface that they believe will be of more benefit to the queen.

Bouts between the Guardian Guilds are group affairs that ends in submission rather than death. The victor of such bouts earns equipment from the losing guild as well as services by different smiths for their honor.

When someone breaks a rule or is forced to leave the community, they are scared on their face, and no dwarf is allowed to engage with them or risk being scared. This often is a death sentence as the living standards are all earned based on their status and honor.

All Dakco are Dwarf with very few other races accepted into their ranks unless they show great skill in a field deemed important by the queen. They do skill in many aspects and are widely considered the masters of many crafts including smiting, magic, and craftsmanship.

You are only as strong as your word and the words spoken about you. Before you can be the very best, you must prove you are the best. This is done by trial, over and over until you have reached perfection. If you do not obtain perfection, you are better off not sharing your craft at all. If your work does not stand up to the promise you have given to it, you have failed, and your work may never recover.

“My name is my word, my word is my strength, my strength is my queen, and I would die for any of them. Without any of them, I have already died.”

-Shield Guardian’s Vow.